Sales Policy

When you purchase a subscription plan with The Forge, you must agree to the Terms of Service and to the following Sales Policy.

These Terms are not final and may be modified in the future, as needed. If you have an active subscription, we will notify you of any significant changes.


What subscriptions and services do you offer?

You can check each subscription plan's features and compare them in the Plans & Pricing page.
Note that at the moment, most of the higher tier features are not yet implemented, and the only visible difference is in your available quotas. Those features are expected to be rolled out within the next few months.

Can I try your service first? Is there a free trial?

Yes! You have a 14 day free trial after you select a plan for the first time.
The free trial allows you to upgrade/downgrade your plan any way you want, and you will not be charged until the trial period ends, at which point payment will be taken for the last plan you had selected.
Note that when using Paypal, a pending authorization will appear in your account, but the payment will not be made until the trial ends.

What payment methods do you support

We support Credit and Debit card payments with most credit cards brands, including but not limited to: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Credit and Debit Card payments are handled securely via [Stripe], a world-class payment processing gateway.
We also support payments via Paypal as an alternative for those who cannot use a Credit Card or who prefer Paypal.

What are the extras?

Extras are additional perks that you can optionally add to enhance your subscription plan. They are only available on yearly subscriptions.
They can be useful if you have a need for a lot of data and even the most generous subscription plan is not enough for you.
See more details at the Plans & Pricing price.

Can I cancel my subcription?

You can cancel at any time by accessing the Manage Subscriptions wizard of your account. When you choose to cancel, your subscription will not be renewed anymore at the end of your billing period. You will continue to have access to your subscription benefits until the end of the current billing period.
No partial refunds are available.

Can I downgrade my subscription?

Yes. When you downgrade a subscription, such as removing extras, changing to a lower tier, or switching from yearly to monthly billing, the new change will take effect on the renewal date of your subscription and your already-paid for subscription model will remain active until renewal date.
No partial refunds are available.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

When you upgrade a subscription, it will renew any of your currently active subscriptions and reset the billing date to the current day. Adding new extras, changing to a higher tier or switching from monthly to yearly billing counts as an upgrade.
Any unused time on your existing subscription will be credited to you at a prorated amount at the moment you make the upgrade.
Any planned downgrades will be automatically cancelled.
The change will take effect immediately and your subscription date is refreshed.

Example 1 :

On June 1st 2020, you subscribe to a yearly Game Master plan and pay 47.99$, with your plan renewing on June 1st 2021.
On July 15th 2020, you upgrade to a Story Teller plan. Your billing date is reset, you will be receive a credit of 41.99$ for the unused ten months and a half remaining in your Game Master plan, and charged the Story Teller yearly price of 96.99$.
This makes the new invoice : 96.99 - 41.99 = 55$ and your new plan will end on July 15th 2021.
You could also think of it as a 13.5 months subscription, with 1.5 at Game Master pricing and 12 months at Story Teller pricing.

Example 2 :

You have a yearly Game Master subscription with 3 months left on it, a 5GB of Extra Assets that you had cancelled. You decide to upgrade to Story Teller tier. Your new subscription will start today, you will get credited for the remainig 3 months of your Game Master subscription, and the 5GB Extra Assets will be renewed for another year.
Since you can only have one active subscription with all of its extras attached to it, it is not possible to have one year of Story Teller, the extras cannot have a different expiration date than the new Story Teller subscription.

Example 3 :

After 4 months of subscribing to a yearly plan, you decide to add extras to your current subscription. This counts as an upgrade, the extras are added and the billing date reset, adding another 8 months to your existing hosting subscription plan.

What if I don't need the extras after I upgrade to a higher tier ?

At the moment, if you upgrade your plan while you have active extras, those extras will be renewed and their time extended. We understand that may not be desirable and are working on changing things to allow such use cases to happen.

What Taxes do I have to pay?

The Forge is a Canadian company and thefore, appropriate Canadian taxes will be applied to any services purchased by Canadian users.
The Taxes will be calculated based on the province of the user.

For European users, EU VAT taxes will be applied to all services purchases and the VAT calculations will be based on multiple factors, such as your billing address, geolocalisation based on your IP Address and the country of the bank that issued your credit card.

You have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact us and our wizards will work on it to provide answers as soon as possible.