The Forge
Fight goblins, not servers

The Forge is a no-hassle Virtual Table Top hosting service powered by the amazing Foundry VTT.

Get started quickly and focus on being a great Dungeon Master (not a sysadmin in a dungeon!) or play for free with your friends in an existing tabletop game campaign.

Subscribe now, get a 14 days free trial and enjoy all the added benefits of hosting your games on The Forge*.

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You are one click away from laughing at your enemies, what are you waiting for?
A Foundry in a Forge?

Foundry VTT is a standalone application built for experiencing multiplayer tabletop Role Playing Games by making use of feature-rich and modern browser technologies.

The Forge is fully integrated with Foundry Virtual TableTop, making the setup easy and enhancing your gaming experience even further.

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