The Forge

Subscription Plans and Pricing

The Forge is a hosting provider for the Foundry Virtual Table Top gaming platform and requires a valid Foundry License to host your own games.

You can create an account for free (Player Tier ), which lets you join other people's private games and gives you your personal assets library.

To create your own games, you will need both a valid Foundry license, and a hosting subscription.

Please note that some of the advanced features from the Story Teller and World Builder tiers are not yet available.

Tier Player Game Master Story Teller World Builder
Monthly Price (USD) Free $4.49
per month
per month
per month
Yearly price (10% off) Free $47.99
per year
per year
per year
Requires FVTT License* No Yes Yes Yes
Game Data Quota** 0MB 500MB 1GB 2GB
Assets Library Quota** 100MB 3GB 9GB 18GB
File size limit per asset 10MB 50MB 100MB 250MB
Export your games *
Create and launch your own Game
(no limit on number of worlds)
Install custom game systems and add-on modules
Import Games from local computer
Advanced Invite management and user integration
Currently unavailable (Work in progress)
Configure and Launch individual Worlds with
their own unique URL and independent player list
Currently unavailable (Work in progress)
Automatic game snapshots,
external database synchronization,
and time machine
Currently unavailable (Work in progress)
Ads No Nope No way! Ain't gonna happen!


You may also purchase any number of extras that can be added on your subscription to enhance it. The extras are charged on a yearly basis and are only available for subscribers on yearly plans. This should allow you to upgrade your storage or other limitations of your tier without switching to a more expensive tier if you are not interested in the features it provides.
Extra Data Quota Increase Assets Quota Increase Upload Size Increase
Yearly Price $12.99
per year
per year
per year
Perk granted 500MB per Extra purchased 3GB per Extra purchased 50MB per Extra purchased

*: The Forge being a hosting service, you will need to have a valid license of the Foundry Virtual Table Top Gaming platform in order to launch your own game. You do not need a license in order to join other people's games.

**: Your account has two areas for storage, the Game Data on the local storage, for your worlds, systems, modules and compendiums. A typical D&D game takes on average 5 to 10MB of space.

     The Assets Library is where you would store all your asset files (images, videos, music) for your games. It allows you to store the larger files on our geographically distributed servers to ensure maximum download speeds and performance.