The Forge community holds a treasure trove of talented artists, technologists, content creators, as well as business partners we are happy to be collaborating with. This page serves as a central place to acknowledge and attribute all the contributed assets we use on our main website and others areas of the Forge service, and to express thanks to those who have helped us in various ways.

Illustration art works used under license by the Forge

Some of the artwork used on the website is licensed. This is done through a special agreement with the copyright holders, allowing the Forge to use it in its commercial context, so we can use some of the artwork for promotion purposes.

Here are those assets we are using either under existing permissive licenses or through special agreements:

If you are a content creator and would like to offer us permission to use and showcase your original work, feel free to contact us.

Artwork created or owned by the Forge

Some of the art on our website is produced by us, or commissioned by us, where we hold the exclusive rights to use that artwork. Please do not use it on other websites without our prior written permission. Furthermore, we reserve the right to withdraw our consent, at our sole discretion, to your use of that artwork if you are doing reprehensible things with it or if the context/association of our brand and/or artwork with yours has become harmful to the Forge.

In case of doubt about the possibility of reusing something found on our website, feel free to ask us whether the asset is part of this category.

Third party logos

Third party logos are used with permission (or under a permissive license) for the sake of jointly promoting our service offering, technology, and customer experience. The use of such logos or brand names does not necessarily constitute a partnership between our companies.

Former Contractors and Staff

Community Moderators

These volunteers help us tremendously by dedicating countless hours of their time to answering questions in our Discord channels and Discourse forums. Thank you for helping us help Forge and Foundry users and being integral parts of the community!

  • Aeristoka
  • Alarich
  • Oshy
  • JonDemand
  • Nick Midwest
  • Mushie

Community Projects

The Forge is able to benefit from the effort and hours put into creating something that brings the community together. Our thanks to the creators and maintainers of the following projects for their hard work!

General thanks

Beyond artwork, the Forge also acknowledges that its successful existence would not have been possible without the fine work of these people:

  • Andrew "Atropos" Clayton, who created Foundry VTT, the in-browser virtual tabletop gaming system that the Forge provides and extends
  • The many content creators who enthusiastically contributed their work and products to the Forge's Bazaar
  • Rachade Hmamouchi, for providing valuable advice and business consulting services to the CEO